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It's decentralized, voluntary, and non-aggressive. The network now supports up to 32MB blocks with ongoing research to allow massive future increases. Read the Whitepaper, bitcoin Cash Hackathon Series, bCH devcon is a series of Bitcoin Cash hackathons taking place around the world.

The Bitcoin Cash protocol ensures there will never be more than 21 million coins in existence. Bitcoin Cash has a fixed supply and therefore represents sound money. Reliable, a network that runs without congestion. Bitcoin Cash is usually represented by the BCH ticker symbol and is considered by its supporters to be the legitimate continuation of the Bitcoin project as peer-to-peer digital cash.

It may help usher in the greatest peaceful revolution the world has ever known. World's most robust blockchain technology. If your wallet or exchange uses the term bcash they are likely referring to Bitcoin Cash; but, it should be noted that bcash is not the proper name, nor a commonly used abbreviation of Bitcoin Cash, and is a hostile attempt to confuse users.

Support Freedom Worldwide, bitcoin Cash is a permissionless, open network. Bitcoin Cash is resistant to political and social attacks on protocol development. Like the Internet itself, the network is always. Free Marketing and Press. This was because the community could not reach consensus on increasing the network capacity.

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