bitcoin mining 1080 vs 1070

time we move to next Epoch DAG file become larger. Which Brand AMD RX Vega 64, Vega 56, Vega 64 Water Cooled I never bought any AMD GPU. I am not an AMD fan so i might be biased here. All I can say GTX 1070 might not last as profitable in the longer run as GTX 1080 ti might. Cons of Dedicated Mining Cards Display port is not present so you cant play games on them. You can consider any reputable brand 1070 ti but dont go for mini versions.

Mining via this card will last longer profitable as compared to other GPUs available right now. I am an Nvidia fan and never bought any AMD GPU earlier, so i might be biased. Nvidia Mining GPUs Versus AMD Mining GPUs Currently we have two major companies Nvidia and AMD which makes Graphics Processing requires a lot of money and R D to make facilities for building GPUs, thats why we dont see any new companies in GPU making. Lower ROI : ROI stands for return on investment(after how many days you make more than you invested). Mining Performance of AMD RX 580 8 GB Etherum mining : Ethhash algo Hash Rate : 30 Mh/s Power : 115w Daily Profit : 3 ROI : 150 days Zcash mining : Equihash algo Hash Rate : 320 solutions/s Power : 100w Daily Profit.

Bitcoin mining 1080 vs 1070
bitcoin mining 1080 vs 1070

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