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widget height,.g. Currency Code The default currency to display. You can load as many widgets of this type as you like, but only load the script once.

This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Place a simple bit of code in the html of your website in each location where you want a widget. Code for each widget type is shown at right. Customize, widgets may be customized by placing additional attributes in the div element.

Instant Bitcoin Cash Price conversion to world currencies. The Bitcoin Price live tile app is exactly what the name implies. Pin the app to y our start screen to get up to date live updates of the current spot price of Bitcoin.

To delete an item, click on tag and hit "Delete". Minimum width is 300, regardless of input. Control the number of items displayed with bw-entries"N" (1-10 use a different color scheme for the widget with bw-theme"X". Language, copy and paste this into where you want the widget. To enable Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price information, add bw-cash"true". OK or, read More. Coin ID, coins in the list are displayed in this order. Width of 0 or omitted makes the widget take the full width of its container (responsive).

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