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year, inflation is subdued, public finances strong, and the banking system in broadly good health. Nicolette Yuen at Blackwell sha256 hash bitcoin Global in Singapore is an expert in conducting business in the South East Asian region. FinanceFeeds today spoke to one of the pioneering firms which succeeded in the Indonesian market, FXOpen. The company also raised 500,000 from two strategic investos in Singapore, alongside Danish fund Innovationsfonden in April this year. The trade war would thus need to significantly reduce economic growth in Indonesias major trading partners to cause serious knock-on effects. A brief explanation of Forex trading. So where does all this leave Indonesia?

Although the middle class in Indonesia counts as many as 90 million people there are still a large number of newbies in the market and the sales tactics at some brokers are unfortunately questionable at best Mikael Breinholst, CEO, Tradeworks. And while it may still be a growing market, new policies introduced by the government and the fact that trading can be done online, are helping Forex to grow rather quickly. Denis Peganov, Business Development Director at FXOpen today explained to FinanceFeeds Initially, clients in Indonesia wanted any broker with an easy procedure of account opening, a local office and the support of the Bahasa language. Breinholst explained With Indonesia being among one of the biggest retail FX markets in the world, we are very pleased to be working with the biggest, and most successful broker in this market. Providers of Forex services have to follow certain strict terms and conditions, and follow the rules. Another factor that foreign brokers have to take into consideration are the countrys high taxes and strict regulations.